Hi there!

My name is Marta.I'm a young artist currently living in Spain. I love art and telling stories: that's why I started this webcomic.

Actually, Diva's Issue started in 2011, but I didn't like how the things were turning and I stopped publishing. After a looong time, my drawing skills improved enough and I decided to give a second chance to my story. That's why now, in 2014, Diva's Issue is back again. And I'm so glad about it! I redesigned characters, the plot... so maybe you see some fanarts of "the old version" and don't recognize the characters ;)


Some facts about me:

I love cats, travelling, hiking, books, movies, the beach, meeting new people and trying/learning new things :)

I also use to put a lot of emoticons in my texts ;) :D

I totally hate injustices and snob/stupid/idiot people.


I listen to weird music and I like it :D

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  • You can create fan arts, fan fics, crossovers... with the characters of this webcomic if you indicate the original website and authorship.
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Thanks for understanding! :)