Some of the most common asked questions:


What's the meaning of DS'I?

It's the acronym for "Diva's Issue".


Why is your webcomic called like that?

I was 13 years old and for some reason I thought it was cool. I obviously know more English now, but I decided to stick to it.


Is D'SI suitable for all ages?

Well, I think kids older than 12 can read it perfectly.


Why green peppers?

They are important for the story plot, you'll see...


In which lenguages can I read D'SI?

This webcomic used to be translated and simultaneously published in Spanish. Sadly, the Spanish server, called Subcultura, closed on January 2018. So, for the moment, D'SI is only in English.


What happened with all the pages and stuff of the "old version" of D'SI, the one you did in 2011-2013?

The pages are all offline. You may see some fanarts of the "old version" and don't recognize the characters or situations because I redesigned everything.


What's the Secret Zone?

The what? ;)