Some of the most common asked questions:


What's the meaning of DS'I?

It's the acronym for "Diva's Issue".


Is D'SI suitable for all ages?

Well, I think kids older than 12 can read it perfectly.


Why green peppers?

They are important for the story plot, you'll see...


In which lenguages can I read D'SI?

Nowadays, you can read this webcomic both in English and in Spanish, since I can speak both languages well. I'm studying French and German, so maybe one day I'll be able to translate D'SI into another language!


Can I translate D'SI into my language for you?

No, but thanks for your interest.


Do you update at the same time the Spanish and the English version?

Yes :)


Can I find the same things both in the Spanish and in the English version? Or there are differences?

The webcomic pages are all the same, however, though the "author's comment" of each one is usually the same I change it sometimes. But no vital information is lost in any version!

If you don't want to miss ANY TINY BIT of extra info, you can follow us on Facebook /Twitter, and also check my personal dA page /Tumblr, because I use to post sketches and D'SI related stuff there.


Do you answer the comments I post in the webcomic pages?

No, but I read them all and I really appreciate that you comment. Thanks! :D


What happened with all the pages and stuff of the "old version" of D'SI, the one you did in 2011-2013?

The pages are all offline. You may see some fanarts of the "old version" and don't recognize the characters or situations because I redesigned everything.


What's the Secret Zone?

The what? ;)

Any question that isn't here? Then just send and email to =)